Top 3 Custom ROMs for Samsung Galaxy Ace

There are tons of Custom ROM’s currently available for Samsung Galaxy Ace GT-S5830. in this post i’m going to share the top 3 best Custom ROM i liked on my Galaxy Ace. All of the ROM’s are tested by me for weeks and I’ve used them all for so many times.

So wasting no more time lets get started:

1. Samsung Galaxy SII ROM

The Galaxy SII ROM is based on Stock DDKQ8 firmware and the ROM is super smooth without any lags. it gives you a complete stock experience with fluid performance and a stable battery life. you can check this tutorial for the Installation of this ROM and a video tutorial.

Features i Liked:

  • Stock ROM experience
  • Better Battery Life
  • Improved Performance
  • Notification Bar Toggles
  • Improved Multitasking

2. Windows Phone 8 ROM

This ROM is one of my favorite ROM. the performance of this ROM is super amazing. it gives you a complete Windows Phone OS experience on your Galaxy Ace. it comes with a WP8 launcher which is super smooth. we can customize this ROM so much by changing tile colors or by re-sizing a tile and adding widgets to the Tile Homescreen. the ROM is based on CM 7 Democracy, Battery life is so much better than   others ROM’s available. Dolphin Browser is default Browser in this ROM. you can check this tutorial for the Installation of this ROM and this Video Tutorial.

Features i Liked:

  • Complete Windows Phone 8 Experience
  • Fast and Smooth Launcher
  • Customization of Tiles
  • Nice Animations
  • Boot Animation
Check out the Video Review of this ROM-

3. Imaginary ICS Final

This ROM is so powerful and comes with Holo Launcher Pre-installed. it gives you a ICS 4.0 like experience while on a Stock DDKQ8 firmware. this ROM is on the No.1 spot for the most powerful battery life i observed. Keeping my WiFi On for more than 18 hours the ROM was still at 38% battery level. in terms of battery performance this ROM hit the charts. other than the long battery life this ROM is also smooth and fast with Nice Multitasking. all of the pre-installed apps are so nice and it gives a reasonable amount of storage to download & Install Apps. check out this Tutorial for the Installation of ROM and Video Tutorial.
check out the Video Review of the ROM-

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Author: Varun

Hi, I am Varun a 18 Year School Student and a Technology lover. I love to play with new Gadgets and trying out new ROM's for Android and browsing new software on Windows.

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  1. Nice post dude… +1
    How about a review of the different roms for gaming.

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  2. I am interested in installing the imaginary ics final , so jst want to ask that all the functions are working or not nd will it run smooth or have bugs

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  3. from where do i download itn not on mediafire???

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  4. Thankyou for your excellent reviews, however the link on your downloads page to “imaginary final” rom points to a deleted file on media fire.

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      • why cant downloading things be easy it concerns me that we are trusting people to play with our phones but they cant even make an easy straight forward download link

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        • Go ahead to the Download page on my Blog, you can clearly see in the top menu!

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  5. Super info, thanks, am about to try Imaginary ICS Final will keep ya posted on the experience

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    • Imaginary ICS is a very good ROM, and yeah i’m soon gonna publish a new article for Top 5 ROMs. so keep checking the blog.

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  6. Do i need to root my s5830 before to install custom ics rom ??

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  7. How to root my S5830 ?

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  8. how to increase internal memory of galaxy ace s5830 to play HD games

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    • Well you can increase the internal memory by installing the App2SD Script but you can’t play HD games on Galaxy Ace as it doesn’t support HD games or videos etc.

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  9. is there i needed create a sd card second partion for install the rom? and what is difference between imagionary ics rom and cyagenmod 10pro, which one is the best.
    plz tell me.

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    • No you don’t need to create any SD card partition.
      and Imaginary ICS ROM is based on Android 2.3.6 and CM 10.1 Pro is completely a Android Jelly Bean.

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  10. Hey just wondered – which of these roms is most helpful when running out of memory?
    I find using the phone unrooted can be painful as so many apps won’t install to the sd card – they install to the phones memory which is tiny.

    Will any of these roms help in the matter, or is there a way I can set the SD card to be the base location for all apps and messages?
    It is infuriating when the memory fills up (well there is 10mb keft) and I can no longer recieve text messages

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  11. Hey, Is there any ICS or JB rom for galaxy ace plus that look like stock rom. i tried CM jellybean, but camera not working and dont feel like it is stable. Could u pls advice.

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  12. Which of these roms can work with a swap file on the sdcard for GT-S5830 ?

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  13. I want to use ROEHSOFT RAM Expander (SWAP):

    But first must check with MemoryInfo & Swapfile Check:

    It goes on to say:
    The purpose of this program is to test whether your device is compatible with ROEHSOFT RAMEXPANDER, they can use it as storage use information program continues if the strike should check compatibility for your device fails.
    Unfortunately, some Android devices are not in spite of root privileges in a position to deal with a swapfile, some manufacturers have this disabled kernel side. To find out if your device is compatible with RAMEXPANDER the program requires root privileges, according the Test button gets her device a large set 20Mb swap file is available, then you have to check in 5 minutes to see whether your device is unstable as the Some phones may be the case, unfortunately, the reason lies in the modules that were compiled without swap support from the manufacturer. Test extensively start their programs, after 5 minutes you get successful returns a message on the screen and can optionally install directly SWAPit Ram Expander, which they can then create up to 2.5 GB of RAM.

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  14. Is there any rom list for Samsung galaxy ace duos S6802… plss admin i need few to better my appearance

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    • Even i’m waiting for the same!!!
      Is there any good stable rom’s for ACE Duos. . ??

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      • Bro, I’m not that blogger who list up some ROMs without even testing them out, I’ll surely share but I’ve to test quite a few before publishing any review.

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  15. Help Me, Windows Phone 8 rom link download has removed. Please update your new link thank you.

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    • The File has been removed by Mediafire, don’t know why ? but yeah I’ll try to upload the file on my Account so please wait for few time.

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  16. GT-s580i does this rom work for this model of the ace ? I’ve used the Jellyblast4.1.1 worked great other then no digital connection and no ear piece. There are several files I can download to fix but would rather go with a proven stable bug free version. Just trying to get something smooth and classy feeling, not so techy. Thanks

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      • Thank you for your timely response much appreciated.

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  17. i can connect to the wifi but the internet are not working. it’s happen on every wifi i selected. please reply

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