Download and Install Android L Keyboard on your phone

Recently at Google I/O event which was held at Moscone Center, San Francisco, Google announced major changes to Android and announced the next version of Android named ‘L’, the full name of L is yet to be announced. as per the rumours it might be and most possibly it’ll be Android Lollipop, It sounds really bad! ok so getting back to the post and let me show you the all new Android L keyboard which is thankfully posted to Play Store by a developer named ‘Shen Ye’.

Kudos to him for bringing this keyboard to other android devices without rooting :) 

For getting this keyboard all you’ve to do is to head over to the Play Store and download this Android L keyboard to your phone. after Installing this keyboard just change your Input methods by going to ‘Language and Input’ and then select the Android L Keyboard as default.

Download Android L Keyboard on your Android Phone

Just look at the Screenshot and see How beautiful this Keyboard looks, Minimal yet Simple. for those who don’t know that Android L will have material Design and according to Google that means the animation and transitions will be really smooth at 60 frames per second. and after using this keyboard for merely 30 minutes or so I can proudly say that it is better or I would say it can be compared head to head with Swiftkey. even the Gesture typing is so smooth and accurate on Android L keyboard but yeah sometimes it shows wrong predictions.

Those who don’t use Stock keyboard and always rely on third party keyboard, maybe there’s a good new Keyboard app for you guys. :)

Update: Due to some Policy Violation Google has removed the ‘Android L’ keyboard from the Play Store so now you can download the APK file here.

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