CyanogenMod 10.1 Pro for Samsung Galaxy Ace : How to Install & Review

You might be looking for a stable Jelly Bean Custom ROM for Galaxy Ace. but can’t find it because some have camera issues and some have other Bugs. but now you can relax because there is one Stable and so much Fast Android 4.2.1 Jelly Bean ROM for Galaxy Ace.
The Cyanogenmod 10.1 Pro is so much smoother and faster when compared to any other ROM. you get almost all of the feature of Android Jelly Bean in this ROM.

I tested this ROM for almost 3 weeks and now i’m going to share How to Install this ROM and my views on this ROM.

Untitled 1 CyanogenMod 10.1 Pro for Samsung Galaxy Ace : How to Install & Review

How To Install -

  1. First of all you need to have CWM Recovery 5 installed on your phone, check this tutorial.
  2. Now you have to download this ROM file from here.
  3. Now Power Off your phone and now press Home + Power key together to go into the CWM recovery 5.
  4. Now Select Wipe Data/Factory reset and then select yes.
  5. Now Select Wipe Cache partition and select yes.
  6. Now go to Advanced and then select Wipe Dalvik cache. Now go back.
  7. Now select Install ZIP from SD card and then select choose Zip file and then select the ROM file.
  8. Now select yes Install zip from SD card.
  9. wait for the installation process, after the installation is finished go back and select reboot system now.

ROM Review -

The ROM is so buttery smooth, there is no lag or bugs in the ROM. all things works perfectly and the best thing i found in this ROM is the Android Jelly Bean camera with so many great features and the widget option in the lockscreen. this ROM completely changes the look of old Samsung Galaxy Ace into a modern Jelly Bean phone. Unlike other jelly Bean ROM which are huge battery eaters the CM 10.1 Pro is reasonably good in battery performance, the battery can last for at least 5-6 hours with moderate usage.

Features i liked in the ROM-

  • Smooth and No Lags.
  • No Bugs till now.
  • Camera App.
  • Lockscreen Widget.
  • Daydream option.
  • Notification bar and the customized status bar.
  • Various battery indicators.
  • Jellybean keyboard.
  • Clock Widget is awesome.
  • reasonable battery.



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About Varun

Hi, I am Varun a 17 Year School Student and a Technology lover. I love to play with new Gadgets and trying out new ROM's for Android and browsing new software on Windows.


  1. Google apps not needed with this ROM? If it is needed please provide a reliable one to use.

  2. is video recording working ?

  3. Xcellent work buddy…very helpful..thanks..!!!! :)

  4. thankx for the room. now, how can i root the device with the custom rom vc

  5. you know i meant rom

  6. César Pazzi says:

    cant do calls with this rom

  7. Anonymous says:

    Messaging and downloading from play store don’t work

  8. Anonymous says:

    in this rom live wallpaper is der ?????
    as i want to download this rom

  9. can u change it back to the normal samsung interface after booting?

  10. Very good. Works smooth and without problems. Gives a 1. Generation Ace a new life. Thanks

  11. Anonymous says:

    Is there a Russian? Does the Ukrainian mobile operators?

  12. Anonymous says:

    i am running cm7.2.can i flash this rom over cm7.2 or have to go back to stock gb 2.3.6.thanks in adv..

  13. Anonymous says:

    You mean by which ROM?? The hyperlink in “here “given by you moves me to a page having several ROMs, I have started downloading “CyanogenMod 10.1 Pro for Galaxy Ace” (4th from bottom)!! Is this correct??

  14. the camera is not working how is it:/

  15. Anonymous says:

    i gave root my galaxy ace..then i install the recovery mod..then do i should install the rom ?..what is function of flashing kernel ? it first or not ?..tq :)

  16. This ROM already have the Kernel, so you don’t need to install any Kernel.

  17. bro i seriously need help T_T why i don have camera apps for my phone and like no supported to my phone like the slider camera also cant open and even flash light cant on its say ur device has no camera i go instagram press the camera said cannot connect to camera help pls T_T

    • I don’t know why are you having this problem. i flashed this ROM again on my phone just to make sure for you if camera is working or not and yeah it’s working fine for me so now only thing left you can do is to re-install this ROM.

  18. which ROM? Cyanogenmod 10 Beta 1 for Samsung galaxy Ace or CyanogenMod 10.1 Pro for Galaxy Ace or which on just give me link easier ^^

  19. not sure i look the ROM up there ^ there are so many kind haha alright thanks let me try so need format system right? or clear the 3 thing and install only?

  20. Anonymous says:

    What time of the phone, if only to talk on it. 24 hours hold?

  21. Anonymous says:

    Hi is there usb debugging in system setting?

  22. Anonymous says:

    is MMS working??? i am going to install only if MMS works. Thank you

  23. weeeeeeeee done thank you so much ^^

  24. I got status 7 error

  25. Anonymous says:

    Hi where i can find the usb debugging in system setting? i can’t see it in my phone. thanks anyway great rom

  26. Anonymous says:

    Hi there is no Application option in my settings. How is it? Do you have on your phone? thanks

  27. Hi, I have not tried it yet, but seems a goodone to me after watching the video, Till now I have tried 4 Custom ROMs and all of them are good in looks and Interface but performance wise each one is having problems now a days I am using CM7.2 Democracy, As it is considered to be the most Stable One still not the perfect one it has also some bugs and Hidden Problems.
    Special Appreciation to Varun Chaudhary for answer one of the Stupidest Queries of People keep it up man….

    • Thanks for that precious comment.
      I’ve also tried a lot of Custom ROM and finally found the Cm 10.1 Pro as one of the best I’ve ever discovered it’s so much smoother and fast without any lags and bugs.
      I’ve also tried Cm 7.2 Democracy but i wasn’t happy with it so just give a try to CM 10.1 Pro and yeah keep in mind that the ROM doesn’t have a good battery life. but it can last reasonable time with low usage.
      one more thing i want to tell you is that i’m also reviewing the SGS II V11.2 ROM as of now and i’ll publish the video review as well as the Written review soon so keep updated with the blog.
      and one thing i would say about SGS II V 11.2 is an awesome ROM so just wait for the Review. :D

  28. Anonymous says:

    hi, i have problem that my 3×4 keypad not function..
    can anybody help me?
    it always comeout with number,not latter..

  29. Can i use this rom with stock kernel 2.3.6 ?

  30. wow, perfectly worked for installing CM10.1 on my galaxy ace.. thanks brother..

  31. Thanks, bro. Playing with it right now. Reminds me of the Nexus 7 I sold. lol

  32. hi. is this functioning for samsung galaxy ace gt s5830i?

  33. Is there any available rom for samsung galaxy ace gt s5830i?

  34. Anonymous says:

    hi this rom work perfectly but i don’t have a zoom in my camera? do you have guys zoom on your camera? thanks

  35. Anonymous says:


    I have just install this ROM and facing problem with sound. I could not able to get loudy ring tone and even Alarm is not working. Is there any settings which I missed out to do?


  36. Anonymous says:


    And how I can restore the original ROM?

  37. Anonymous says:

    Is this the same process for CM10.1 Pro on a rooted galaxy ace II 4.1.2??

  38. radio player???? i don´t have…. :/

  39. Apps do not install on their own when i click on install app from my PC using same google account…i like UI of ICS better…but thanks for bringing JB to us

  40. Anonymous says:

    thans for this rom
    every thing is working fine.
    Just one problem i am facing i have backuped my stock rom, whem i try to restore it,it says system error. pls help me.
    and once again thanks for this post.

  41. Anonymous says:

    you mean factory reset from present rom and then clear Cache and Dalvik Cache ?

  42. dude will it work on galaxy ace s5830i ??

  43. how can i put my stock rom again.pls can you write some steps?

  44. You can simply install the Stock ROM with ODIN, or wait for some days i’ll surely write an article.

  45. thanks.however CM10.1 was wonderful

  46. Arunkumar says:

    Dude You are awesome.. Superb…. I tried in my galaxy ace and its working fine :)

  47. does dis rom wrk in gt-s5830i????

  48. Anonymous says:

    How long does it take to install after last reboot? I think I’m waiting around 30 minutes and it isn’t done yet! :(

  49. Anonymous says:

    Hi i just upgraded my galaxy ace to android 4.2.2 version but it doesn’t have google play in this new rom that i have can u plz tell me how can i reinstall my orignal samsung rom gingerbread version 2.3.6
    plz help me.

  50. Anonymous says:

    Thnks 4ur help brother but could plz guide me how to do it i dont know anything about it.Actually it’s my brother’s phone and now he is after my life to fix it so plz help me..its v important.

  51. Will this work for s5830D?

  52. Will it work on my galaxy ace gt-5830i?

  53. Hey Varun,
    Thank you very much for this rom. My phone is like new!
    I have a little problem, the battery charge in ten minutes and discharge in 1 hours.
    I think that when i am charging my phone, it charge not at full the battery.
    Do you know what can i do for fix this little problem?
    Thank you in advance!

    • First try to re calibrate your Battery by following this steps -
      1. Discharge your phone to 0% and when the phone is switched off charge it up to full 100%
      2. Now when the phone is fully charged up again discharge it to 0% again and then charge it up to 100% .
      if this works for you then good or otherwise change your battery because this ROM gives nice amount of battery life !

  54. i already have a custom rom installed(the myth 3 ics) i just do as u say n it will work ??

  55. Will it work on S5830c??

  56. Maclaw’s Cyanogenmod 10.1 and Cyanogenmod 10.1 different????

  57. Bro are all the apps there which are there working on a normal jelly bean phones????
    I meant google apps cuz u have not put gapps software with jelly bean

    • Well some of the Apps which works on Jelly Bean will not work because of ARMv6 processor which has become old.
      and yes you can install GAPPS or I’ll prefer installing the Play Store from an APK file.

  58. it’s working on galaxy ace gt s5830i too ??

  59. will it work for samsung galaxy ace duos s6802

  60. Thanks brother. if u find cyanogen for galaxy ace duos s6802 please post it.

  61. HI, I have flash this rom, like you’ve said It’s smooth but sometimes laggy when playing games. If i want to use MA6 kernel on this site Is it compatible with this rom.tx

  62. I have install this ROM ,one weeks ago ,at first it was so laggy but after flashing it again it farely works ,speed can be tweak by using third party app but Google calender is not working that I can’t see as it is blank ,so I unstalled its sync adapter ,storage adapter, and app itself by using link2sd but again I installed it again but accidentally I deleted syn adapter so I can’t open the calendre app ,also server error message on play store notify me when using playstore, where can I find Google calender sync .

  63. Hey Varun,
    I don’t find the all the application on google play?
    Do you know how i can find them?
    Thank you in advance.

  64. Rogersanzv says:

    link off, out, link caido amigo, arreglalo por favor

  65. Hey, i cant find the download link for 10.1 pro, can u plz send and this is my one n only mobile which i m rooting so plz tell me if their is any bugs left

  66. Hey, can u tell me about ur latest SGS II V11.2 ROM, if its good, i will download that one and please tell me more about increasing internal memory through sd card partition, so plz share the steps for it

  67. Thnx a lot dude…..u rock….Cheers to your research….keep updating for Galaxy ace and plz tell me how to download BBM on my Jelly Bean

  68. When I click on ‘Here’ it redirects me to a page saying ‘Error 403 – Forbidden’. Has this file ‘Cyanogenmod 10.1 Pro’ been removed from there? Where can I get this file now??

  69. the file not found!!!!!!!!!!

  70. can you re-upload the file?

  71. Sad…Link is removed…
    Varun upload it on mediashare,and provide the link to us..

  72. THIS ROM FOR GALAXY ACE S5830 OR 5830I???

  73. The file you requested was not found

  74. Hi, i have installed CyanogenMod into my Galaxy Ace 5830i, after reboot my phone it stuck on welcome screen (Samsung galaxy ace logo screen)
    how i can come out from this?

    • Bro it’s only for S5830!
      Now if you want your phone to work again then download ODIN and your phone’s firmware from SamMobile and then install it via ODIN.

  75. does this rom work for galaxy ace duos

  76. I can download the cynogenmod file for my Samsung galaxy ace s5830i after installing the file. I start my phone ! after starting ! I can see that my phone’s IMEI no. is gone so any solution for my problem. please tell me .

  77. DogathekidTR says:

    Does it work for Galaxy Ace GT-s5830i?
    If not, why?
    and can u post a link where can i get it to GT-s5830i?

    • No it’ll not work for S5830i because the processor of S5830 and S5830i are different.
      and sorry I don’t have any link for S5830i, you can Google it. :)

  78. I’ve got gt-s5830 but i dont know how to do was a risk….can it make in service??? i have android 2.3.3 but i want 4.1.1.or4.0 or higher… Thanks.

  79. will it work on Samsung Galaxy Ace Duos gt-6802…?

  80. hi dude..
    can u suggest the best rom for my galaxy ace s5830i ??
    i need jellybean, no lag issues along with crashing apps, a decent battery backup n no app issues for eg. the camera app issue etc..
    I’l be very greatful… :)

  81. What are the known issues with this rom as of now?
    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  82. Krishna Rohila says:

    Thanks buddy for the rom. i tested it and its working great. however i wanted to switch to the windows 8 Rom now. But was unable to find a link to the rom download. Searchd many links but all are bluffed, or removed.
    Can u please help me to locate a link to the Windows 8 Rom for s5830i.

    And thanks again for the rom (y) ;)

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