ROM Review: CM 7.2 Democracy Final for Samsung Galaxy Ace

In the Previous post we shared How to Install the CM 7.2 Democracy ROM on Samsung Galaxy Ace and in this post i’ll be sharing some screenshots of the ROM along with a detailed review. i tested this ROM for more than 2 weeks and decided to write a review for this ROM. the ROM is really amazing and it makes the Galaxy Ace Performance much better than ever before.


The ROM is so fabulous and fast in terms of performance, battery life, Multitasking and other tasks. the ROM is based on Android 2.3.6 and it’s a customized Cyanogenmod 7.2.
Going into the Settings the main pros of the ROM comes where we can find lots of lots of Settings for various things. we have different style for Lock-screen and we can add widgets too on the Lock-screen.
We can overclock the Processor in this ROM around 900+ MHz, but i won’t recommend over clocking your Galaxy Ace’s processor that much as it can also result in bricking your smartphone. the whole UI looks like the ICS and one thing i would like to tell you is that this ROM comes pre-installed with the Holo Launcher, which is one of the best launcher currently.
the Photo Gallery app is the Quick Pic which is my favorite gallery App on Android. one special thing in this ROM is that we can change the theme also.We can control Haptic Feedback and various gestures settings.

Top Features in CM 7.2 Democracy ROM -

  • Fast Performance
  • Reliable and very good Battery Performance ever after good amount of usage
  • various lockscreen styles
  • nice notification bar tweaks
  • Tablet Mode
  • I also liked the OI file manager App which comes pre installed and the torch app too
below is the ROM review and if you liked it then please Subscribe to my YouTube channel and a huge list of screenshots is also below check them out all for the detailed features of the ROM.

Video Review of the ROM -

Screenshots of Cm 7.2 Democracy ROM -

Battery Life -


Desktop, Lockscreen, Apps etc. -

All of the Settings in CM 7.2 Democracy ROM -

Author: Varun

Hi, I am Varun a 18 Year School Student and a Technology lover. I love to play with new Gadgets and trying out new ROM's for Android and browsing new software on Windows.

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  1. Hi folks!

    This ROM is amazing!!! I used for two days and I wanted to remove when I realized the heaven of settings.
    Untill now is the best and fastes ROM I ever had. (and I had a couple)
    Thanks for the post, and thanks for the work!


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